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Our fulfillment services allow you to reach more retail customers, so you can focus on what you do best -- making great products. From inventory management and multi-channel catalog integration to complete customer service and brand monitoring, our services will help you simplify your operation while driving sales and growth.

Many of our clients are looking for a 3PL in Utah, as we are in a prime location for rapid shipping throughout the Contintental United States and abroad. If you need a reliable 3PL company in Salt Lake City or Utah County, Funoco is the perfect choice for your business.


How to get Started

To get started, choose a fulfillment service that's right for you.

Funoco offers two different fulfillment plans, in order to best serve the needs of your business.

1. Traditional Warehouse Fulfillment: (learn more)
We store your inventory and provide fast, same-day shipping of your orders. If you simply need reliable order fulfillment and inventory management, this is the plan for you.

2. Channel Management & Fulfillment: (learn more)
This full-service solution allows you to reach more customers through our network of online marketplaces. Funoco lists your products on all major online stores, and provides full customer service and phone support for your customers. With this plan, your storage and inventory management costs are completely free.

3. Compare Plans: (learn more)
See our comparison chart for detailed information.



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Multi-Channel Listings

Inventory Management

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