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Channel Management & Fulfillment

Step 1: We Store your Items
Step 2: We List your Items
Step 3: We Ship your Orders

Getting started with our Channel Management plan is easy. There are just a few simple steps to get you up and running.

Step 1: We Store your Items

Send us your products and enjoy FREE storage of your items in our fully insured warehouse.

Save on overhead costs associated with:

Funoco stores your products for FREE, unlike other traditional fulfillment providers that charge you monthly storage fees. We also offer kitting services for bundling products and prepping your items for shipment.

Step 2: We List your Items

Let our technology do the work for you. Simply send us your price list and product information, and we'll handle the rest. Funoco's product development team will create the custom data feeds required to list your products on all the popular online marketplaces. Our experience and relationships with these online stores allow us to jump through all of the hoops, and overcome the many hurdles that make selling online time consuming and difficult.

Because let's face it... selling online is not easy. Each online store has its own set of rules and technology, and trying to juggle all the listing requirements and inventory tracking across multiple channels is a daunting task. Most companies sell only on their own website, or at best list their products on Amazon.

There's no doubt about it-- when it comes to selling online, Amazon is the giant. If your company is already selling on Amazon, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off. Joining the Amazon marketplace is a big step towards selling online. But it's important to realize that Amazon is only the first step when it comes to reaching online shoppers. The next steps are more difficult and time consuming-- but that's where Funoco can help make it easy.

Break out of the Amazon Box

Other online stores may not be as big as Amazon, but their combined presence accounts for millions of additional customers. It's important to list your products on these sites as well. When you partner with Funoco, our integration system will quickly list your products on the top marketplaces, ensuring your products reach maximum visibility.

When you add all of the smaller stores together, you can nearly double your customer reach. Funoco can quickly list your products on sites like,,,, and more -- saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that it would cost to do everything by yourself.

Brand Monitoring

When Funoco lists your item online, we don't stop there. Our services include brand protection so you can sell online with peace of mind. We monitor your listings and will report any counterfeit sellers, fraudulent listings, unauthorized sellers, and MAP pricing violations. Our established relationships with our retail partners provide us with prompt response from their support teams, and we are an official VeRO participant in eBay's Verified Rights Owner program.

Our Retail Partners

Step 3: We ship your orders

Once your products are listed online, we'll begin fulfilling your orders. While most companies struggle with inventory management across so many marketplaces, Funoco makes this process easy. Our order management system keeps track of your inventory in real time, ensuring that your product quantities are properly counted and updated across all sales channels.

Prevent Out-of-Stock Cancellations

The last thing you want to do is disappoint your customers because an order is out of stock. Cancelling an order is a frustrating experience for both the buyer and the seller. Thankfully, our inventory tracking technology prevents this from happening, ensuring your customers receive their orders as advertised.

Rapid Picking & Packing

Funoco is proud to offer one of the very most efficient picking and packing systems in the state of Utah. Capable of shipping 20,000 packages each day, our warehouse services offer the perfect solution for businesses both small and large. We can scale our services to your specific needs, easily accommodating a fluctuation of order volume as your business grows or experiences busy seasons throughout the year.

Great Shipping Rates

We work with a variety of shipping partners and offer services from Economy to Next Day Air. Whether you need Domestic or International shipping, we deliver at affordable rates you and your customers will love.

Quality Customer Service

Our top notch customer service team is standing by, ready to help your customers. We provide training so our service agents become experts in your products, capable of answering pre-sale questions, taking phone orders, and handling returns. We offer complete phone support, live chat, and email support tickets to ensure your customers receive prompt service.

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