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Funoco Fulfillment Plans and Options

Compare our various fullfillment services in the chart below.

Whether you want to grow your customer base with our Channel Management solutions, or Traditional Fulfillment warehouse storage and shipping services, Funoco will listen to your needs and customize a service plan that's perfect for you.

Traditional Fulfillment Channel Management
Inventory Management
Order Tracking
Same-Day Shipping
Returns and Exchanges
Receiving & P.O. Reporting
Efficient Picking & Packing
Low Shipping Rates
Integration with your order management software available
Inventory management between sales channels -
Funoco exclusive sales on marketplaces -
Phone orders and sales staff -
Advertising available available
Price Monitoring available available
Brand Website available available
Brand Monitoring available available
Integration with your sales channels available available
Pricing Call for a custom quote for your products: 801-331-8738 Storage: FREE!
Storage: FREE!
Storage: FREE!
Storage: FREE!

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